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According to 1 in 5 Minnesotans will be an older adult by 2030 including baby boomers. We’re getting older, we’re living longer, we are getting sick and we may need a new plan for aging and getting well. Aging is a fact of life—and caregiving is as well. At Comfort services we understand the financial burden that caring for a family member may create. This is where we come in to provide different avenues to payfor your caregivers.

Minnesota PCA Program

Minnesota Department of Human Services reimburses Caregivers through PCA Choice or Traditional PCA options. You may select a caregiver such as family member or friend to provide services. To provide services the caregiver must first qualify as PCA in the State of Minnesota. Under this program parents and spouses are not permitted to provide services to their children or spouses.
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Medicaid Cash & Counseling Program

Cash & Counseling Programs are financial and care assistance programs. They usually, but not always, are Medicaid programs, which provide the beneficiary with cash assistance and with the flexibility to “consumer direct” or “self-direct” the spending of the cash on care providers of their choosing.
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Caregivers for Disabled Veterans

This program is based on your veteran’s qualifications. You may be eligible if the veteran you are taking care for meets the following requirement.

  • Has a serious injury – including traumatic brain injury, psychological trauma, or other mental disorder – that was caused or made worse by their active duty service on or after September 11, 2001 and
  • Need personal care services because they can’t perform one or more activities of daily living and/or needs supervision or protection based on symptoms of lasting neurological damage or injury.

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